• AUD/USD 0.76685 04:30 30.03
  • NINTENDO 26250.000 04:30 30.03
  • USD/JPY 111.225 04:30 30.03
  • NIKKEI 225 VS TOSHIBA 84.984 04:30 30.03
  • MAZDA VS TOSHIBA 7.100 04:30 30.03
  • NIKKEI VS SUMITOMO MITSUI 4.567 04:30 30.03
  • NZD/USD 0.70279 04:30 30.03
  • EUR/AUD 1.40231 04:30 30.03
  • NZD/JPY 78.164 04:30 30.03
  • AUD/JPY 85.291 04:30 30.03
  • TAIEX 9843.6 04:30 30.03
  • GOLD 1250.178 04:30 30.03
  • AUD/CAD 1.02216 04:30 30.03
  • EUR/JPY 119.607 04:30 30.03
  • EUR/USD 1.07537 04:30 30.03
  • TOPIX 100 977.450 04:30 30.03
  • NIKKEI 225 19172.400 04:30 30.03
  • ASX F-MAR17 5876.500 04:30 30.03
  • NISSAN MOTOR 1093.2500 04:30 30.03
  • USD/SGD 1.39586 04:30 30.03
  • ASX 5890.100 04:30 30.03
  • STRAITS TIMES 3173.760 04:30 30.03
  • GOLD VS OIL 23.7521 04:30 30.03
  • AUD/USD 0.76645 04:15 30.03
  • USD/JPY 111.257 04:15 30.03
  • AUD/JPY 85.274 04:15 30.03

Trading Academy

It is a well-known fact that Financial Trading are among the simplest financial instruments available for trading online. Understanding how to use them is very easy, which is why they are so massively appealing to both novice and professional traders alike.

Still, dedicating some time to a deeper education about Financial Trading can help traders maximize the results of their trading activity, and minimize the impact of any losing trades they may make. This knowledge is usually only available those in the financial industry. So only a small group of very committed individuals who spend a long time collecting, organizing and absorbing knowledge from many different resources (both online and offline) can get a hint of what professional traders know.

We at Stern strive to provide our traders with the means to quickly reach this level of expertise, by giving them detailed information that gives them an edge when they trade. While the quest for a deeper understanding of the financial markets and trading techniques is neverending, and ultimately rests in the hands of each individual trader, we have worked hard to build an Education Section on our site exactly for this purpose.

We strongly encourage everyone who has an account at Stern to go through this educational material in order to improve their trading strategies and results. The content is available to each of our account holders for free, and it is meant to complement all the other tools we provide to our traders, such as the professional support of our Managers, Analysts and reviews.


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eBooks: Our downloadable eBooks give traders an overview of what financial trading are, and answer the majority of questions and doubts new traders may have. Their goal is to define and clarify every single aspect of Financial Trading at Stern, while providing you with a reference to which you can always go back to whenever you are in need. Our comprehensive series of eBooks will help you become familiar with the exciting world of Financial Trading.

Courses: Our courses have been structured to teach you all the tricks of trading like a pro, in a simple and organized manner. We have been enhancing this training material for quite some time, relying heavily upon the feedback of all the traders who have finished our classes before you. Take advantage of the experience that we have collected thanks to experienced traders willing to share their wisdom, and learn how to trade like a professional easily and quickly. Because the courses are available in video format, you can watch the lessons whenever it is most convenient for you and proceed at your own pace. You’ll learn all the basics, including Strategy Fundamentals, Trend Analysis, and Market Prediction.

Once you feel you have absorbed the knowledge from these resources, you’re invited to contact your Account Manager to discuss the material with him. Not only will he be able to answer any question you may have, but he will help you with applying this knowledge to trading in the actual markets. As usual, our professional support team is always available to support your trading activities.

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